The North-South Conundrum

It’s taken for granted when being educated in the design industry that you’ll want to get to London at some point. Culture, money, clients, opportunities - all on your doorstep. But what about home and family? Is there not culture in other parts of the country? Can you not be just as successful up North...?

I'm not saying people shouldn't want to go to London. It's a great place - one of the cultural highlights of the world. However the industry is missing a trick by not casting its net further. As an industry, we are tasked with solving problems, so maybe it's time we stopped thinking of being outside of London for young, up and coming designers as a problem, and started seeing it as an opportunity. An opportunity to avoid brain drain as people are drawn south and for the creative industry to draw on influences, attitudes and talent from around the whole country.

I love the culture in the north. Yorkshire is where I'm from, and it's part of me. I've never felt the need to uproot my way of life to be successful. I've managed it right where I am. The culture and individuality of the northern cities is as vibrant as anywhere else. And no matter where you are we're all solving the same problems and getting results that make our clients happy.

The more the regions stand up for themselves and companies and clients continue to be convinced  they don't need to look to the capital for talent then maybe we will see the creative map of Britain start to change slightly and change for the better.

James Upton - Designer 

Last Updated: 01/02/2017
Author: Joe Chetcuiti

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