Cafe Cerza

Cafe Cereza is ethically sourced in El Salvador. Our campaign was designed to show how the producer, Cafeology, works directly with local farmers to produce the raw product before shipping it to the UK and that the relationship between supplier and brand owner is hugely important.

For this reason we communicate how Cafe Cereza is embedded physically in the local culture, not just from it but also part of it. The sun symbol is illustrated with reference to the curve of the brand identity “C” not just at its centre but also at the end of its rays, whilst the colours throughout are based on the existing brand palette to enhance traditional folk-art colours.

On a more basic level the campaign is designed to immediately communicate the values and purpose of the brand without requiring any additional explanation.

We based the brand on the proposition of “Coffee that makes you feel good”. And it makes you feel good not just because of its taste but also ethics and price. We set about creating a brand that was vibrant, youthful, rustic and exuberant. Latino, hand-made art direction brought the brand together before being rolled out across packaging, accessories, point of sale and online. 

Gold Award Winner at Fresh Awards 2013.

Cafe Cerza  Image Cafe Cerza  Image Cafe Cerza  Image Cafe Cerza  Image Cafe Cerza  Image Cafe Cerza  Image Cafe Cerza  Image

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