Morphy Richards

Hot, delicious, homemade soup in just fifteen minutes? And I don't even need a pan? Get outta here!

No, It's true. The unique Morphy Richards soupmaker revolutionises home soup making. Morphy Richards kindly asked us to design and produce the on-body point of sale for their new kitchen star. The concept was to show the internal soup making process on the outside of the unit. We've never chopped so many carrots - But when we had, a bit photography, design and post-production jiggery pokery and voilà! From the simplest of ingredients to lovely homemade soup in an instant.

Homemade soup. Simple and tasty. Just like the recipe book we were also commissioned to design and shoot for Morphy Richards.

Designed as an inspirational piece to position the new Morphy Richards soupmaker.

We've never felt so hungry on a shoot.

Morphy Richards Image Morphy Richards Image Morphy Richards Image Morphy Richards Image Morphy Richards Image Morphy Richards Image Morphy Richards Image

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