Chill Factore

Change perceptions of the brand from the UK's largest indoor ski centre into a leading family attraction.

Our first campaign for Chillfactore is the beginning of a journey for the brand. After 10 years of being the UK's largest indoor Ski centre it is time to reboot and build its reputation amongst active families and thrill seekers as a family attraction.

We developed a number of propositions and visualised these based on our insight that the benefit to skiing, snowboarding or playing in the snowpark at Chillfactore offered an experience different to the adventures most active families were used to.

Each of these propositions was researched along with customer perceptions of the current offer. Based on this we were able to create a strategically and creatively robust platform to relaunch the attraction. This was based on the offer of “The Next Adventure Starts here”. This was designed to appeal to those with no experience on the snow and experienced users alike - their own sense of adventure being the catalyst for visiting. This allowed the visitor to make up their own mind as to what an adventure is for them and their family. Before this the brand only defined this in terms of skiing or snowboarding. Now the brand could offer so much more – experiences new to me, family togetherness, pushing personal limits, finding something new to do collectively – a real platform for positively changing brand perception. The campaign runs across press, outdoor, social media, radio and at point of sale.

Chill Factore Image Chill Factore Image Chill Factore Image Chill Factore Image

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