Downsizing can be perceived as smaller, not as good or a move backwards for older couples. Redrow has a specific range of homes perfect for those who may be looking to downsize or open to the suggestion. So how to you talk about downsizing your property without making it sound negative?

Recognising that a Redrow home can offer you a better living experience with improved layout, use of space and facilities transformed downsizing into ‘right-sizing' . However buying a house is a complicated, life-changing business so there are other issues to consider.

We presented Redrow's version of right-sizing as compelling and benefit driven that fulfils what the buyer is already thinking or motivates them into thinking about our offer. Our insight was that rightsizing isn't just about size but includes the desire for an additional ensuite for guests or grandkids, releasing equity, having the ‘perfect' home and making positive decisions just for yourself.

In addition, homes are aspirational as they say something about us. Redrow Homes especially. Through our campaign Redrow positioned itself
as a brand that enhances life rather than just making sure you've got the right sized house. Because anyone can do that.

Our Time for You campaign has an implicit sense of timeliness or subtle urgency in making the most of now which reflects the reality of life. It also has some passion and impetus to it and creates the much needed singular stand-out for what is potentially a complex offer.

The campiagn is designed to draw the buyer in. They have enough nous to decide what they want and enough experience to make it happen for their reasons not ours. Redrow is an enabler in the conversation/process, empowering the buyer no matter why they want to right-size.

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