Why Is There No Great Political Advertising


Did you know that political advertisings is not subject to the advertising standards authority? It basically means that in press and on posters the parties can do and say pretty much whatever they like.  What a fantastic opportunity to have such freedom. Imagine the creative possibilities, the places you could go, the outrageous and compelling things you could say!

So why are their ads so desperately crap? Maybe they can't afford our fees. However, on checking, the Tories spent £16M, Labour £8M and the Libdems £4M in the 2010 election alone so it's not as if they're short of a bob or two.

Apart from Saatchi's iconic ads for the Conservatives in the 1979 election the parties have really failed to use these most emotive and convincing of mediums to any effect at all.

I can only guess that because the four pillars of advertising (being truthful, legal, honest & decent) are drummed into all good Ad people from day one that they just can't stomach doing the parties bidding. So we're left with the banal offerings we see on poster sites around the country. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise.

Luckily, parties can't advertise on TV, they get given party political broadcasts instead.  However If you're unhappy with a poster then the ASA suggest you complain to the offending party directly. Good luck with that!


Last Updated: 28/04/2016
Author: Joe Chetcuti

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