Message Or The Medium


Automated media buying online or programmatic advertising is all the rage at the moment. Lots of the big FMCG brands are flying the flag and joining media networks that can supposedly supply the right ad to the right person a million times over at the flick of a virtual switch. Sounds great and probably is.

The growth in technology to help deliver sales messages and track their effectiveness can only be a good thing. However, the current focus on technology means we may take our eye off the ball (there you go, a world cup reference, my work here is done). Delivering the message efficiently is great. But what if the actual message is wrong? No matter how wonderful the delivery mechanic is without the right content there's very little point in new-fangled delivery systems.

Too much focus on the panacea of automated systems that take the human intervention out of communications may sound wonderfully efficient but may also mean that there is less focus on the creation of compelling content that is engaging, impactful and salient -  all things that lead to greater competitiveness and sales.

Great creative is developed through finding insight and relevance and translating that into emotionally intelligent advertising that makes people smile, laugh, cry or just feel good that a brand understands their needs. Good creative will continue to be the one thing that helps the most successful brands compete online or anywhere else for that matter. And this process of creative development is a human function. It simply cannot be automated or programmed. It is based on craft and expertise and can't be approached in the same way the media or technology solutions can be.

So, roll-on the advent of new technologies that make the delivery of our great ideas more efficient and effective but let's not forget that the message is always more important than the medium.


Last Updated: 28/04/2016
Author: Joe Chetcuti

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