Why Brands Need To Entertain

Why Brands Need To Entertain Image

So, the IPA reports that ad spend continues to go up despite worries about Brexit and potential Trumpageddon. However itís not all rosy in adland...

Traditional ad spend has reduced whilst digital ads continue to grow. This is a problem for those who rely only on traditional media, and a fairly large opportunity for those brands who continue to explore what digital can do for them. Even more intriguing is that digital mobile advertising has, for the first time, overtaken digital desktop advertising. We're a nation on the move, glued to our devices - and guess what? Advertising is going to follow wherever the content we watch appears. 

In the good old days advertising had it's dedicated slot on TV,  press ads and outdoor were interruptive in that a great headline or image could make you pause for a second or two without actually stopping you getting on with what you were doing. Ah, halcyon days. Now advertising has an even bigger task - it must compete with other forms of entertainment that co-exist on the same pad or mobile phone shaped delivery device. Ads have to compete with everything from blockbuster films and videos of bowtie wearing cats, to relationship updates from your bessie mate - all fascinating stuff that your average ad will struggle to interrupt. And if your ad does interrupt then it better have a damn good reason.

This raises a number of issues for brands and their agencies. Firstly, where and when to target customers and secondly what to say to them once you have found them. We all know that digital is great for targeting those searching for either what you've got to sell or for complimentary products and services. Get this “where and when” right and you're halfway to brand/customer interaction nirvana. Get it wrong, as many do, and your brand is just an annoying and irrelevant sales pitch getting in the way of catching up on the latest Game of Thrones. 

Secondly (and more importantly) when you get the “where and when” correct, you've got to deliver the right message. Many think this is enough. It's not. You've got to deliver the right message in the right way. Unfortunately brands can have a narcissistic self-belief that whatever they say is interesting, motivating and uplifting in some way. They believe that as soon as someone as much as sees a glimpse of their logo they'll be clicking through, and stocking up on a lifetime supply of Worzels Super Kratchet.

Now, more than ever, ads must be engaging enough, worthwhile enough and interesting enough to dare interrupt your potential new customers' busy day. Because if your brand doesn't make the effort to make its online advertising not just relevant and beneficial but actually entertaining, then another brand will.



Last Updated: 02/11/2016
Author: Joe Chetcuti
Labels: Brand | Advertising | Ad Spend

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